The Forced Evolutionary Virus, more commonly known as the F.E.V, is a synthetic non-contractable controlled mutagenic virus developed by the Pseudo Scientists and the Neo Ninjas in year 2300-2500 to combat the Martyr of Nothing Army.



In the year 2300- 2500, there was a co-op project between the Pseudo Scientists and the Neo Ninjas known as Project E.D.E.N or in other circles Operational Primordial. It was intended to create a virus that could evolve humanity to combat the Martyr of Nothing Army. Pseudo Scientists and the Neo Ninjas combined their knowledge of the ancient workings of the human body and new research on the make-up on the human body to create a virus to change the host from the inside out into a superior specimen, and the host controlled the transformation. After many years, they realized that one virus could accomplish this task. They also found out that they could enhance their subjects (human) through a single virus to exceptional levels; however, they could not get the results to combat the Martyr of Nothing Army. Eventually they had a breakthrough in the method of development. They decided to develop a multi-stage virus comprised of three base viruses that when introduced one at a time would interact with the host’s body and develop the final virus. After many years of research and development, they decided upon what they consider the perfect formula and began testing it out. They named the virus stages Alpha and Beta. Over the years before it was completely abandoned, the Neo Ninjas and Pseudo Scientists made numerous modifications to the viral strains to correct mental instability caused by the Alpha Beta Omega F.E.V strain. They were also able to enhance the beneficial changes of all the viruses more and more as the centuries passed. However they were unable to fix the psychological damage. Eventually this caused the project to be completely abandoned, and the group was disbanded and faded into history. Now only legend tells the story of their creation and possible whereabouts.



Means of InfectionEdit

The Forced Evolutionary Virus was only capable of way of infection, which is through direct injection into the host and was the primary form of infection. It has been theorized that the Forced Evolutionary Virus is capable being spread by a hereditary means. Unfortunately, this can only occur if the offspring is genetically similar to the host.

F.E.V VariationsEdit

There are at lest four different variations of the Forced Evolutionary Virus that are know to exist.

Proto F.E.V strainEdit

The Proto F.E.V strain was the original strain of the virus that was developed by the Neo Ninjas and the Pseudo Scientists in the year 2300-2500. It had enhanced the host to exceptional level, but wasn’t enough to combat the Martyr of Nothing. The Neo Ninjas and the Pseudo Scientists deemed this strain of the virus unsuccessful and failure. Not much than this is known about the Proto F.E.V strain due to the fact that all data on this strain were either lost or destroyed by the Neo Ninjas and Pseudo Scientists.

Alpha Beta F.E.V strainEdit

The Alpha Beta Omega F.E.V strain was a modified strain created by Lord Apparition in the year 12025.

The Alpha virus was the first virus created the Neo Ninjas and Pseudo Scientists, was designed to start the genetic changes within the specimen to prep them for the two following viruses. It did this by changing the DNA of the specimen taking out recessive genes and other weak traits. Things such as genetic traits that made the specimen prone to disease or unable to do perform superiorly in physical and intellectual activities. These changes would be irresistible and uncontrolled by the subject.

The Beta virus, was the second virus created by the Neo Ninjas and Pseudo Scientists, was designed to change the biological workings of the body to enable the specimen to perform better in combat than the most superior born human. It did this by remaking the inner biological workings of the body. In other words, it changed their organs and making them not oxygen dependent. It improved their functions beyond that of any living being even under the best conditions. This allows them able to function not only properly but also superiorly to any living being even under the most favorable conditions such as cases of dehydration, starvation, exhaustion, and difficulty beyond anything that even the most durable creature could be able to withstand.

Alpha Beta Omega F.E.V strainEdit

The Alpha Beta Omega virus was the third virus combined with Alpha Beta F.E.V Strain that was injected into Samuel Chamberlin by Random, and completed the changes in the specimen. It did this by maximizes the prior changes from the first two viruses. (The mutagenic change was purposely designed to be voluntary change.) Depending on the subject’s genetic makeup, physical status, and “Spiritual” abilities they had different types of transformations depending on the subject stated. Although the transformation meant to be voluntary, the subject suffered from horrific mental instability that caused them unable to control their actions let alone their transformations. This caused them to be nothing more than super genetically altered mindless beasts. This ultimately caused the failure in the experiment, because they were unable to find a specific chemical sequence to revert this side effect. In later years, it was found out that the cure for the horrific mental instability was falling in love. The only example of this ever happen was when Samuel Chamberlin fell in love with a member of the Church of Martyr known as Angel.

Alpha Beta Omega Boost F.E.V strainEdit

The Alpha Beta Omega Boost F.E.V Strain was the fourth virus that was developed by Lord Apparition in the year 12025 as a parting gift to his son Samuel Chamberlin as stated in his will.