The IIE-ME Department of Research and Development is a organization within the IIE-ME. It was conceptualized and created by Lord Apparition in the year 11825. This department specialized in developing and testing weapons, vechicles, robotics, Demonology, gaining immortality, Forced Evolutionary Virus, study of Red Hate Energy, Black Soul Energy, and White Love Energy, etc...

Notable Members Edit

Current Edit

President: Lord Apparition: creator and current president of the IIE-ME Department of Research and Development (IIE-ME DRD)

Vice President: Rachel

Researchers: Gear, Art

Current Projects Edit

Weapons Edit

A. Weapon Testing: Newly developed weaponry are tested and made sure they work before they are to be used in combat or used on human test subjects.

B.Weapon Testing 2: After weaponry have passed inspection in weapon testing, they then can proceed to be used in combat or used on human test subjects.

C. Bombs: An explosive weapon exploded by impact, proxmity to an object, a timing mechanism, or or other predetermined methods. "weapons of mass destruction" or WMD for short.

D. Mechas: are walking vehicles controlled by a pilot, often appearing in anime, science fiction, or other genres involving a fantastic or futuristic element. Mecha are generally, though not necessarily, bipedal, with arms, hands, and fingers capable of grasping objects. A mecha that approximates the shape of a human body allows the use of martial arts movements and swordsmanship, ceremonial acts of honor, saluting, and other human mannerisms that cannot be performed using a tank or airplane.

E. CBR (Chemical-Biological-Radiological Warfare): It is the use of chemicals, germs warfare, and radiation to kill large amounts of people, temparily disable them, or destroy their food sources.

Destruction of the IIE-ME Department of Research and Development Edit

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